Although a great deal of thought and effort have been extended to achieve it, the Café Calma concept is a deceptively simple one. Create an atmosphere of quiet luxury that is devoid of affectation and is affordable to a wide but discriminating demographic. The forward thinking designers knew that to provide genuine luxury, it was not necessary to mimic the regal old cafés of Rome with their laurelled columns and white marble statues, or imitate the gilded ceiling frescoes and ostentatious furnishings of Vienna's coffee palaces or, indeed, the café clubs of London with their heavy leather armchairs, nicotine-tainted ancient paintings and aura of arrogant exclusivity.

Café Calma's design and décor reflect the classic ‘less is more' philosophy: bare wood walls and ceilings, off-white tile floor, all-encompassing canvas umbrellas, earth-toned fabric furniture and here and there small trees that emit fresh oxygen and nature's own brand of aromatherapy.

The overall feeling is one of pristine minimalism, an intentional absence of clutter. There is nothing to distract you from the easing of stress and worry from your mind whilst there is everything you might require to reach a plateau of luxuriant quietude.

Well away from the noise and disorder of any vehicle traffic, you sit within a safe haven where the only sounds are muted exclamations over the exceptional quality of the food and drink, and the low-decibel selection of cool jazz that never assaults the senses but provides an additional element of genteel sophistication. In front of you, separated by a stretch of promenade, elegant white yachts float recumbent within their individual berths. Well-trained wait staff seat you, take your order and serve you with unobtrusive professionalism. Finally, all is right with the world as you sit back, relax and calmly converse with friends or loved ones over coffee, drinks or a bottle of excellent wine.

Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50
Cafe Calma
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Limassol Marina , Limassol 4003 , Cyprus

cafecalma4 [ at ] gmail.com
+357 25 051 333
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